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IT Solutions For Education

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Our Education IT consulting,solutions and technology can help you improve teaching effectiveness and student outcomes, improve research and technology innovation capabilities, and maximize institutional operational efficiency.

We follow the trends of in supporting the Educational institutions to implement IT solutions to simplify the management of the entire process that encompasses education, starting from admission to examinations and also to make the teaching/learning process interactive and interesting. All this while the teacher and student community is expanding beyond classrooms into virtual space.

Our consultants offer the best IT solutions that are increasingly catching the attention of educational institutions and students and our consultants promise the best expertise in implementing the same....

IT Solutions for Education Industry

Users       Goal
District Schools
Colleges and Universities
      •Get stronger performance and engagement from students and faculty
Reduce complexities and deliver optimal student support

Teacher Efficiency Better Student Performance Operational Agility Distance Learning

Trends in Education

Bring education into next generation and reduce complexities, increase collaboration, and deliver optimal student support. Once you implement our technology solutions, you’ll be able to empower educators, improve learning, and accelerate student achievement.

Teacher Efficiency

Our Education IT Solutions enable staff to share ideas, collaborate, and become more effective at delivering student services.

Better Student Performance

Leverage next-generation learning methods to improve delivery of information-based student services.

Operational Agility

Automate administrative processes and ease management challenges for faster, easier operations.

Distance Learning

Leverage new technologies to reach students remotely and increase the availability of educational services.


PURA provides versatile and comprehensive Educational Institute Resource Planning software solution planning, vendor selection, implementation, training and maintenance. We provide solution for specialized needs of different types of Educational Institutes: • University , College , School , Training Institute

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EDUCATION ERP has following modules.

• Admission Management System • Student Management System • Examination Management System • Fee Management System
• Time Table Management System • Attendance Management System • Payroll Management System • Staff Management System • Financial Accounting System • Inventory Management System • Library Automation System • Hostel Management System • Cafeteria Management System • Conveyance Management System • Biometric Attendance System /credit card Integration of bar code/RFID/smart card/credit card technology.

IT Solutions for Planning, Development and Implementation

• Manage student information
• Data access for all of your administrators, faculty, and staff.
• Use data to track and improve student performance, manage student information, and meet state and local reporting requirements.

Improve or maintain an IT Infrastructure

• Simplify access to data directories and provide policy-based access to remote users.
• Deliver faster and more reliable service, free up critical resources, and help reduce costs.

Secure IT environment

• Quickly deploy security patches across all desktops and help protect data on laptops.
• Help provide more access and keep IT environments more secure.

Create a faculty/staff or student portal

• Web portals for Higher Education : Provide access to learning resources anytime from any connected device.
• Web portals for K-12 schools : Connect everyone in your learning community to the people, information, and resources they need.

Improve alumni communications

• Provide email, calendars, document sharing, IM, video chat, and mobile email--accessible through many web browsers.
• Simplify the way you manage relationships with students, faculty, and alumni.

Meet reporting requirements

• Institutional effectiveness for Higher Education : Unlock the power of data for all of your administrators, faculty, and staff.
• Education analytics for K-12 : Use data to track and improve student performance, manage student information, and meet state and local reporting requirements.

Offer distance learning

• E-learning software and solutions : Expand your institution's offerings and engage students more fully with online courses.
• Unified communications in education : Provide communications and online collaboration tools to support learning anywhere, anytime.


Students Staff Operations Finance

Content Manager
Question Banks
Research Material
Digital Library

Digital Learning
Virtual Learning
WebBased Learning
Mobile Enabled
Smart Devices(Pc,Tablet,TouchScreen...)

Social Media
Online Collbration

Cloud and Mobile
Web Portals
   Mobile Interfaces for Students,Teachers,Staff
Cloud App for Students,Teachers

IT Infrastructure
IT Labs for Schools
System Software, Databases
Support and Maintenance