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IT Solutions for Healthcare

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Healthcare is an active process that requires communication, collaboration, and decision-making-across care providers and care settings. We offer strategic planning to hospitals and plan their IT needs to achieve high quality and cost effective patient care. Our team with its subject matter experts and domain consultants introduce the best Healthcare Business Practices to the hospitals. We offer solutions that will help you solve business problems, improve patient safety, strengthen the revenue cycle, and enable technology to improve patient care. Learn from our experts how we can help you achieve better patient outcomes with innovative information technology (IT) solutions.
Our healthcare IT solutions help you improve outcomes by connecting the healthcare continuum with solutions that enable increased workflow and improved patient care. Our partnerships with Healthcare customers, team with vast industry experience and technology partners make us unique to work with. Our teams have reputation for building solutions with hospitals to help drive the trends and initiatives of healthcare policy that affect healthcare IT.

       Medical Education

Provider Billing Solutions
Virtual Clinics/Consultations
Provider Portals
Medical Reports Online
HIS Systems
      Billing Systems
Education Portals
Virtual Training
      Web aggregators for all Insurance
Healthcare Member Portals
      Occupational Health Management systems

Practice Management Systems

    In short, smartPMS® provides healthcare managers with a tool that encompasses all the financial, clinical, and operations elements of successfully running a practice. PMS, with user-friendly forms, includes the following features: Patient Registration , User/Account Management ,Appointment & Scheduling ,e-Prescription, Insurance Module, Electronic Patient Records, Physician and Patient Login – Online Portal , Patient Encounter Summary , Claims Entry & Submission . Hl-7 and HIPAA compliant. Offered on premise and cloud. Mobile enbaled.

HIS Systems

    Our HIS experts provide solutions for administrative, clinical, support and back office functions. The solution is planned and delivered using international coding and compliance standards such as HIPAA, HL-7, ICD, CPT HCPCS etc… The solution is delivered modular using cloud or premises. Feature based implementation. Solution is offered as Web based, Mobile and cloud enabled.

Revenue Cycle Management

    Our revenue cycle management experts provide solutions in all three stages of RCM, Pre-Admission , Patient/Physician Encounter Stage and post-discharge. We offer solutions feature wise and stage wise. Pre-Admission: Scheduling• Eligibility verification• Patient credit worthiness• Pre-authorization• Patient registration•Patient/Physician Encounter Stage : Case management• Diagnosis and treatment• Medical transcription• Medical coding Post-Discharge : Claims generation and billing• Receivables management• Denials management• Release of information• Payment analysis• Reporting and benchmarking. Dashboard development, Cloud, Mobile and Back office are our unique value propositions

Technology Solutions

    We offer value in implementing solutions to improve quality care and out comes. The solutions are not limited to Patient/Partner Portals, Mobile Health Applications, QR-code, Smart card, Bar-coding, RFID,Interfacing to lab and imaging equipments Our technology resources deliver solutions under the guidance of industry experts. Back office development and onsite delivery and implementation will add to low-cost delivery and quick turn around cycles due to time difference.

  Website,Portals and CMS            Technology Interfacing
Healthcare Member Portals
Physician/Referral Portals
Patient Portals
Mobile Interface to
Provider information
      •Barcoding, Smart Card, RFID
RS-232 Interface to Lab Equipments
DICOM Interface to Radiology and Medical Imaging Equipment
HL-7 Interfacing

Back office Solutions

    Back office solutions are offered by industry experts who understands industry standards and compliances. These offerings are Claims follow-up and realization , Medical Transcription , Data Entry, Cleansing, Medical Coding and Conversions. The business is run and driven by industry experts.

     HIS Systems
            Technology       Solutions               Back
Solution Planning
Development, Implementation, support
Compliance and Certifications
Training and Maintenance
      Solution Planning
Development, Implementation, support
Compliance and Certifications
Training and Maintenance
      Solution Planning
Development, Implementation, support
Dashboard development
Training and Back office operations
      Patient/Partner Portals
Mobile Health Applications
QR-code, Smart card, Bar-coding, RFID
Interfacing to lab and imaging equipments
      Claims follow-up and realization
Medical Transcription
Data Entry, Cleansing
Medical Coding and Conversions

Product Development Expertise for US healthcare

We have in house developed Products smart billing and practice management systems focusing US Healthcare. And HIS systems completely integrated solutions currently implemented in hospitals in India. Our R&D team is working to enable these solutions to emerging technologies cloud and mobile technologies from IBM and Microsoft. Medical coding Standards, HIPAA, HL-7 standards and compliance requirements as per US regulatory agencies.

Retail HealthCare

Consult,solution development,delivery and maintenance for cloud and mobile application for the Below healthcare customer segments.

Chains of Clinics and Tele Consultations

Chain of Path Labs

Chain of Diagnostic Centers

Chain of Pharmacies

Chain of Hospitals - Private sector and Public sector

Chain of Blood Banks

Occupational Health Management Systems