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Content Management System for Business Organizations (smartCMS) along with website Why should your website be made along with Content Management System?

Avoid Phone calls, FAX, emails and Brochures - Provide updated information, news, achievements and offerings to your customers, business partners and stake holders etc... Through a website managed by Content management systems. Turning content over to another vendor or agency, though, can be nerve-wracking. It's difficult to delegate such an important task to someone else. It is important to check out the Hospital and ask lots of questions, such as:

  • How long has the organization been in business?,
    How often is the content updated and maintained?
    How integrated can the content be to the website?
    What other types of Products (eNewsletters, print publications, brochures, mobile apps, text messaging, etc) does the company offer?

PURA Team efforts to address the organization Needs The @SMART®-webCMS is a solution created by PURA team is an ideal content management system for your business organization that loves to broadcast original announcements and outreach in a coherent, pleasing way to all healthcare business stake holders.

Why is @SMART®-webCMS the best choice for my hospital's content management system? Simply put> - @SMART®-webCMS gives you the most control over the look and feel of your web communications, yet even first time users feel right at home with it.

Web design and social media communication made easy Why spend countless hours learning HTML and other design languages when an ideal hospital content management system like @SMART®-webCMS is ready to begin working for you right now? All you need is a web browser and an internet connection and you're ready to begin! @SMART®-webCMSis a simple interface that masks very powerful software that makes your work look like it was done by a pro.

What are the features of the @SMART®-webCMS content management system for your business?

  • Work flow - assign different sections of your website to different people on your staff.
    Complete control - And no worries about wrecking your site design. Put what you want, where you want.
    Graphics editing that's simple or versatile - You can choose your control level.
    Social media modules - Get your readers involved with surveys, pictures, blog discussions and more.
    Special Features - Need something that functions a certain way? Ask us to program it for you.
    Printer friendly - Need that new blog page you created for presentation collateral? @SMART-webCMS pages look the same on paper as they do on screen.
    Version control - When several people work on the site, sometimes things get over-written. Not a problem. @SMART®-webCMS saves and archives every single change to every page so they're easy to find.
    Search engine optimizing tools - Get great search rank results and more readers with a little magic from @SMART®-webCMS.
Save money, save time, get noticed
The @SMART®-webCMS hospital content management system can be activated, and producing high quality content with your team of experts in literally in no time. Why add to the cost of your care giving when paying a web designer for something your staff could handle? The @SMART-webCMS makes building and publishing web content fun and easy, without unnecessary complexity.
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